Preparing Your Boat – and You! – For Transport

Selecting a carrier for your boat should be the very first thing that you do when deciding to move your boat. Moving your boat can be similar to moving a member of the family, especially if you are a boat enthusiast. Many people don’t take the time to choose a proper boat haul company and never has the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ held more water than in the business of moving boats. In the end, you are the one spending good money to have your boat moved and you want it done efficiently and with the least amount of upheaval.

If you buy a boat from a marina or a broker, they may already have some ideas for a local carrier in the area who are specialist boat movers. They may be able to transport your boat but keep in mind the boat broker or marina and the carrier may have an agreement in place where the broker gets a commission based on how many people he sends to the carrier. You’ll want to find a company that can give you a positive experience from start to finish and believe that a satisfied customer is the best way to attract new business, not cash under the table.

When checking out potential boat moving companies, ask each one for their safety rating and ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. Even more importantly, ask them how much cargo insurance they carry and ask them for the phone number for the insurance company. If your boat is work £250k but the potential carrier only has insurance to the value of £100k that is a major red flag. If your boat gets damaged or destroyed during transport, you will end up paying the difference and that is a hefty bill to have land in your lap for a boat.

Ask the potential carrier to share photos of their equipment if their website isn’t already up to date with that. You want a company that takes a massive deal of pride in keeping their equipment looking in the best shape possible. Top notch equipment is safe equipment and that’s exactly what you want to be paying for. Proper preparation for your boat for transport requires very careful planning and attention to detail. Keep in mind that if the boat is being moved at sixty miles per hour into a fourteen mile per hour head wind, it is experiencing hurricane force conditions. Boat preparation isn’t the carriers’ responsibility it is yours and you’ve got to ensure that your boat is ready to go when they arrive to pick it up. Besides having to pay the driver for unnecessary delay, this also causes the carrier to get behind on the pickup and delivery of other boats they may have scheduled for transport on the same day as yours. Don’t let them down too!

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