Maintaining Good Temperatures At Work

Offices are packed full of computers, printers, photocopiers, other large electrical items and even strip lighting all of which generate a great deal of heat. Combined with the increased insulation standards and air tightness of modern offices, you have quite a cooling challenge on your hands. Effective climate control is therefore crucial in order to maintain a comfortable environment in which to work. The trouble is that for the most part, women end up dressing for winter in the middle of August because the gentlemen of the office prefer the temperature to be colder.

Air conditioning is an ideal way of controlling the air quality inside any building whether large or small, we all know this. Not only does it cool in the summer months but air conditioning can also heat, replacing traditional heating systems. More and more people today are experiencing the benefits of comfortable working, living and leisure environments made possible with air conditioning. It’s long been said that air conditioning units are made for the temperature of a man rather than of a woman so you’ll see reports in the newspapers and in fashion magazines of the great office debate: to turn it down or turn it up?

While the men in the office bask in the freezing air the women wrap up in coats and scarves instead of enjoying comfort! Companies like provide services to fix office and home air conditioning units and keep them upgraded. There is no maximum working temperature laid down by law but the Health and Safety at Work Act and The Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act both demand that workplace temperature must be ‘reasonable’. Accepted zone of thermal comfort for UK offices lies between 16 and 24 degrees and the WHO recommends a maximum working temperature of 24 degrees. Unfortunately a lot of offices don’t adhere to these guidelines when the roasting summer days happen and the air conditioning units break down.

There is a close correlation between a person’s performance at work and the temperature of his immediate surroundings. An environment that is too hot, too cold or too damp will certainly not contribute to higher working efficiency. Accidents tend to occur more frequently during extreme temperatures and the optimum temperature appears to be about twenty degrees. Mental performance and work rhythm drop off sharply when it is too hot. Obviously, the environment needs to be more constant and fluctuating temperatures can mean that people get sick quickly. With air conditioning you can create a comfortable environment for both you and your employees and the right humidity in the office can create the best place to work. Modern air conditioners produce clean, healthy and fresh air.

It can dehumidify the air and prevent mould and all of this is able with neither draught nor noise. In short, air conditioning makes you feel better, more active and fit resulting in more productivity and creativity!

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