Top Tips for Long Distance Moves

Whether you move house or your business you need to think carefully about your move and all its implications and if you are moving out of town these implications can be rather great. Everything from staff allocation and rehiring to simply moving your children’s schools all need to be covered. Taking the time to plan your move carefully will help you avoid pitfalls along the way and doing so with the right moving company means you can be well prepared. You need to take the differences between a local move and a long distance move into account during the pre-moving process. Whether you’re planning your first ever long distance move or simply want to make sure your next move goes off as planned, use the tips we’ve compiled for you to help you make the right choice of moving company like http:///

  1. During a long distance move, items will be handled by multiple teams of workers and riding in a truck across a large stretch of miles and long period of time. Make sure that everything you pack is cleaned well and well cushioned inside the box. Try to assure that each box is packed to the top and nothing is loose, which we understand is opposite advice to other guides! With other guides and advice from you’ll find that most companies tell you not to over pack but when moving abroad, maximising space is crucial to success! Containers inside boxes should be very well sealed and buying high quality moving boxes is key.
  2. Clean, clean, clean! You need to clean all outdoor furniture properly for signs of insect or larvae infestation. Certain moving regulations exit on furniture in order to prevent transporting contaminants overseas. When it comes to long distances especially those that go overseas, transporting bacteria is not the best idea. Your items could end up quarantined if you don’t thoroughly clean out your things before transport.
  3. Lots can happen to your stuff over thousands of miles in the back of a truck when it’s being loaded and unloaded by a number of crews. Moving is high risk and while that’s not the fault of a lot of moving companies, items changing hands repeatedly can put your things at risk of breaking. We cannot stress to you enough the importance of insurance and insuring your possessions should be done quickly.
  4. Avoid packing foods and liquids. Even non-perishable food runs the risk of getting crushed or otherwise ruined. This can also attract vermin and again, this cannot be transferred overseas. This also includes cleaning fluids and paint: if you don’t seal them properly you’ll end up with your things covered! Companies like can assist you with packing your possessions well.
  5. Mark your boxes properly with your name on. Moving trucks which service long distance moves have a variety of different peoples’ belongings on the truck. In order to keep your things from being lost, make sure to write on all the boxes with your name or some other unique identifier like fluorescent paint!
  6. You’ll need to ensure that the day your belongings will be taken off the truck into your new home, that you have someone to meet them with a check list of what to make sure got their correctly. If you can send someone ahead with a typed list then that is beneficial for you!



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